Tajweed means to pronounce or recite every letter correctly, i.e. from its proper origin of pronunciation coupled with its stipulated attributes such as prolongation (Madd), merging (Idgham), conversion (Iqlab), and pauses (Waqaf) etc. Tajweed and its application can only be learned with a qualified Quran teacher. The rules themselves can be studied independently, but the correct application and proper pronunciation of the alphabets of Holy Quran can only be done by reading to, listening to, reciting to, and being corrected by a qualified teacher of the Quran.

Our courses are especially designed for you and your child. This program will provide you step by step Holy Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and Essential Islamic Teaching For children and new Muslims by online Qualified Tutors and whats more... All this by just sitting in front of Computer without leaving your home. We have the mission to serve the Muslim community by giving them Online Quran reading and Islamic education with more ease.

Learn to read Quran online.Our online Quran tutors equip students with the skill to read the Quran correctly and enhance students to memorize Quran, Salat, Kalimas, Hadeeth and Duas.

Do you want your children to read the Holy Quran with a beautiful Arabic accent and proper pronunciation?
You can try 3 free no obligation lessons to evaluate our online Quran learning service. After that you can decide that you want to continue quran learning with us or not. Easy, flexible, and convienient in class schedule and timings.
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Student Comments
I would recommend to my fellow-believers who intend to learn the Holy Quran, to attend free trial sessions online and experience the convenience and ease of learning, simply through a computer.        Jazak Allah Khairun

      1. One to one live Quran class.
      2. A Quran class in your Home.
      3. Essential Islamic Teaching for
         children and new Muslims.
      4. Highly trained and qualified
          Quran teachers.
      5. Good academic background.
      6. A small monthly fee.
      7. No long term contracts.
      8. Just month to month service.
     1. Reading and reflecting over the
         Quran fulfils an Islamic duty.
     2. Your status in this life will be
     3. There are ten rewards for each
         letter you recite from the Quran.
     4. Your position in Paradise is
         determined by the amount of
         Quran you memorize in this life!
     5. The Quran will be a proof for us
         on the Day of Judgment.
     6. The Quran will lead you to 

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